Sean Bean - Top 5 best celebrity experiences of all time

LOTR Vancouver

Sean Bean is currently filming Snowpiercer season 3 in Vancouver. With the pandemic raging on, it has been a difficult experience trying to find celebs and Sean was one of them.


On a particularly sunny and hot Vancouver summer day, we were hanging outside our car having a chat with John @ Canadagraphs when suddenly I (Lindsay) looked down the street and saw Sean Bean walking towards us. I hurriedly got some photos out and at this point he’d already walked several steps away from us. I caught up to him and he was a little surprised to be spotted. I told him how I’ve been dying to meet him for years and it was truly and honour to finally see him. He was very kind and polite and signed one photo. When I asked if he could sign another he said “I’m terribly sorry I have somewhere to be.” I thanked him and he went on his way. When I got back to our group, John offered to run down the street and get another photo signed.


When John returned he said he asked Sean to sign the 2nd of his photos and Sean replied “I’m sorry I can’t, it would be fair to sign 2 for you when I only did one for that lovely lady back there.”


Several minutes went by and we went back to our conversation. Ken then stops our chat and goes “Lindsay I think someone wants your attention.” Confused, I look to where he’s pointing and Sean Bean is standing 20 feet away waving at me to come over. I point at me chest “Me?” And he makes a big gesture like “Yes silly girl, get over here.”


I walked over to him and he states “I feel really awful for not signing your other photos. Please let me sign those for you.” He proceeds to sign a few more, and take photos with those who asked.


Often times I like to say to people, never meet your favourite celebrities because trust me, they will be nothing like the person they portray to the public. It will disappoint you. Not in this case. Sean Bean. A kind gentleman who will walk 3 blocks back because his conscience felt bad for not signing more autographs. What a gem. 

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