Throwback Post - Henry Cavill (Superman, The Witcher) May 2012

Henry Cavill Man of Steel Superman The Witcher

Henry Cavill was in town for several months filming Man of Steel. Being really big Tudors fans, we were excited to get the chance to meet him. Henry is an extremely talented actor and we knew Man of Steel and Immortals would be big.
One day while waiting for Shia LaBeouf at his residence, we noticed Henry and his trainer walking down the street. Shia was sitting on a street corner people watching and Henry actually walked right in front of him and into a restaurant.
We waited until he was done his meal and asked him for a couple autographs and pictures with. Henry is a very strict one per each time you get up to him. He told us that he has been warned by the studio that people are using him for autographs and that everyone will be bringing out their girlfriends and their children and using them to get more out of him. He does however, love signing for his fans and wants his fans to have his autograph.
Henry personalizes every photo. Typically a celebrity will personalize for two reasons. One, because they think you're a really big fan and they want you to cherish your autograph or Two, because they think you're going to sell it and they want to make sure you can't. Obviously there's a way of removing personalization, but most celebrities don't know this.
We were able to meet Henry a few times more over the course of filming and every single time he was super kind, and on one our run ins with him he was excited and greeted us with "oh hey guys!" We loved Immortals and got him to sign some really awesome Theseus photos for our collection. He added character name for us and everything. Overall Henry would be in the "nicest celebrity" category, just below Matt Damon, if we ever created one.

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